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Put the magic of over 30 years of business experience to work for you, your family and your business.  Our proven proprietary strategies have put a big smile on our clients’ bank accounts 🙂


When we work together you can:

  • Watch your sales, profits and store value jump

  • Take a day off, enjoy a real paid, relaxing vacation, you deserve it, even hire a manager

  • A small, really affordable investment in Digital Promotion is far less expensive, way more effective, trackable to the penny, lasts forever, stays on 24/7, customers can easily find you and is more environmentally friendly than printing, mailing or handing out paper menus.  What did you do with the last flyer that got delivered to your house?

  • Sell your store for much higher price, retire early with alot more money in your pocket

  • Send your kids to private school, get them new cars, pay for their weddings and really enjoy more quality time with your family

  • Afford good health insurance

  • Provide more opportunities to your valued employees

  • We are experts in SEO, SEM, SMM so you don’t have to be

  • One of the best things is we take the rent pressure off your shoulders, and let the internet carry it for us

  • We believe and of course, have: water, electric power, refrigeration, air conditioning, gas into your kitchen and a store telephone right?  At first, business owners were skeptical and questioned the need or wondered whether to get them, can you imagine not having them?  Now, it’s time to have the internet, digital and social media do some of the work for you!  Like magic you’ll see new customers delivered right to your menu and into your store!

  • Dial up your internet power to 100%, some stores are only using a tiny fraction of the full power

  • OLO|Mix is MBG!

  •  Call (310) 943-6509 or sales@olomix.com