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Are you leaving money on the table?

New restaurant technology can greatly increase a store’s value and even help you take a few days off.  Solutions are available to increase orders and sales, pay no commissions, fight back against minimum wage increase by embracing technology, reduce waste and product spoilage, reduce credit card costs, reduce negative Yelp and social media reviews and even get a few days of rest.  Using these solutions can increase your cash flow and profits immediately and store selling price in the future.  It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Sales growth “menu-on-the-grid” advertising on social media increases online orders and dine – in business.  Your Google presence is key, we monitor and check off all the boxes that improve your natural Google rankings.

Business consulting  cash flow analysis and improvement including online order audits, sales tax audits, StA BOE audit support, credit card, food and payroll costs.  We have over 30 years experience in accounting, business consulting and financial statement analysis.  Menu design, costing, pricing; delivery times, zones and fees; third party delivery analysis; catering, event, corporate and office accounts.  Extensive knowledge of food, beverage and hospitality sectors in Los Angeles, California, US and International trends.  Need help in a foreign language?  Consulting is available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai and many other languages.

Location analysis and current lease review; we are often aware of attractive new locations through our contacts; based on our 30 years experience in Los Angeles.

Group purchasing including credit cards, POS systems, EMV, cell phones,  insurance, menu design, menu printing and store signage (interior and exterior) and dozens more coming soon.

We get rid of your headaches, let’s you focus on your food, beverages, staff, and your customers.  Since we are independent, we find solutions that are simply better, more convenient and less expensive for you; all helping to make your store more valuable.

We are your one stop, go-to resource trusted by hundreds of stores in Los Angeles, all of whom face the same day to day challenges just like you.

Note – along with improving the business’ value, many business owners, partners or managers may be unaware or forget about their fiduciary duty to shareholders, investors, family trusts, LLC members, partners such as a family limited partnership, family or outside lenders or staff participants in ERISA, 401k or other employee retirement benefit plans .  Filing for divorce?  Perhaps you’ve heard of but are not really clear on marital fiduciary duty which applies to divorces (before filing and during separation too) in California.  We can help owners, partners and managers and their legal counsel to become more aware, better manage and address these important issues.

Clients have found these services to be helpful, do let us know how we may be able to assist you.  For more information contact us at:

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